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Spice-Up your Content by Using Images

Why images? Why use images at all in your online content? Why Instagram users are on rise each day exceeding that of twitter?

They say; picture is worth a thousand words!!

Pictures employ an enormous impact on delivering your messages to visitors and readers. There is one finding that says; majority of information is assimilated through human brain is by images. Images are one of the most important things that you can do on your blog since people are undoubtedly attracted to visual content more than text and stories. Some people prefer to purchase a decent camera for this purpose or hire a photographer to take unique and original pictures for their projects or blogs. On the other hand, some folks prefer to download stock images and royalty free images for their online business.

Pictures let you support your text content more clearly and transparently. For example; if you own a blog related to technology where you are supposed to illustrate readers about working of particular app.  It would be hard to spell out by readers if there is no screen shot of app. To ensure that readers will get clearly into the details in a way they are written, you need to put relevant images that support your content and point.

People don’t like reading long paragraphs of text and most of them skip them as well. So if you insert relevant pictures in between the text content, it captivates the reader’s attention for longer time. In case of websites, the image is viewed as thumbnail of your website thus it is the first thing where people throw their gaze at and either they leave it or explore the website, it depends on what type of impression that image created. Images also embrace sentimental association in audience.

In spite of exerting a pleasing effect on websites, images set very important role in raising ranking of the website as well as SEO can also be enhanced by putting keywords while posting images and Alt tag them properly.

Yet, we are perceptible creatures.  Assuming that all of these suggestions will help you draw more readers in and make your blog posts and website content even more fetching.

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