The world of internet today is flooded with loads of information some of it is quite useful while some of it is just redundant and repetitive. The Internet has presented many people with the perfect source of income. The online blogs, online pages, and websites are all a steady source of income for the people. To complement their blogs people usually use the public domain images as they are free. The royalty free images make it easy for the people to download them and use directly. No tension or worries of paying up fees for the image they are using.  There are many websites that offer love related picture for free download or animals picture for free downloads. These websites usually have images of the creative common law. This gives the site the authority to put up the free images for downloads. People use photography to build websites so that they can create a more everlasting impact on their content.

Free images for websites are all available under the creative commons law for pictures. It has been assumed since ages, and it is one of the most accurate things ever, that when content is accompanied by a relevant picture, people tend to understand the message being conveyed more easily. Imagine selling a ladies handbag with only the written description. You have also accompanied the image with the dimensions. Now do you think will it be sold easily? No! How much ever you write, people will not be able to fathom the right picture, and this will to misleading of the clients even. In case, you end up selling the bag, and it differs with the customer’s assumption of the description you might even end up suffering a loss and a bad reputation.

Now trying selling the same bag with proper images, different angled images can help convince the people to make the purchase. The images show people how the bag would look like and hence make their choice easier as to what they should be buying it. Some of the reasons images should be included on your website are:

  • People have lesser dissonance when buying after seeing the images.
  • How much ever description is written people relate to pictures more easily than the written material.
  • Images take up more secondary space and are more content driving than the written content.
  • To make sure that you have traffic to your website, include relevant images. The relevancy of the written material matters.
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